GHASALC is an association of all Savings and Loans Companies registered under the laws of Ghana and also licensed by Bank of Ghana. It was registered and also obtained a certificate to commence business in the year 2008 as a company limited by guarantee and not having any share capital and also shall be a non-profit making institution.Savings and Loans Companies being a little different from other actors in the Micro-finance sector felt that there was the need for specific issues to be addressed on a different platform. This concern could only become a reality if they come together to have a louder voice in the dialogue with other stakeholders in the financial sector in Ghana.


To elevate the business of Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana to a level where it is considered the best among financial intermediaries focused on clients and shareholder value creation in Africa.


To build a solid platform for the enhancement of Savings and Loans practice so as to ensure the sustainability and growth of Member Companies, and their Customers for the ultimate development of the national economy.


To serve as a platform for effective communication and collaboration among members.
To serve as a mouthpiece and aconsultation body for discussions withkey stakeholders in the sector
To improve information sharing andpromote transparency in the sector
To sensitize the general public about the specification of S&Ls and promote a better knowledge of the sub-sector.