Membership Application Procedures

  • Prospective Members shall fill the appropriate Membership application forms.  Completed Membership Forms shall be submitted with the following for processing:
    1. Certificates of Registration.
    2. Business Registration Forms 3-4 (or its alternatives).
    3. Copy of Bank of Ghana License (Provisional License for Associate Members)
    4. Board Resolution
    5. Company Profile f. List of Directors and Key Management Personnel g. Membership Processing Fee
  • The application forms and supporting documents shall be vetted by the National Secretariat and its recommendations shall be submitted to the Board for final decision.
  • The Board’s decision shall be communicated to the applicant by the Executive Secretary within 14 days of the decision. A record of all applications for membership shall be kept at the National Secretariat.
  • Upon the approval of the Membership application, the Institution shall pay the approved Membership Subscription Fee.
  • The Management Team of a new member shall be required to go through a mandatory orientation programme as may be determined by the National Secretariat, after the payment of the Membership Subscription fee.

Designation of Member Company Representative   

Each Member shall be represented by two (2) persons at the Association. The two (2) persons shall be its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Managing Director (MD) and any other Senior Management Member chosen by the Company. The names, contact details and profile of the designated representatives shall be formally communicated to the National Secretariat.

Membership Certificate and Publication

  1. Member Companies shall be issued with a membership certificate under the common seal of the Association upon payment of Subscriptions and other applicable fees.
  2. All members in good standing shall be re-issued with membership certificates annually upon payment of annual Membership Subscription in full.

The Association shall keep and publish Members in good standing through the appropriate medium as determined from time to time.