The Members of the Association shall have the following duties and responsibilities and shall abide by all to qualify as a Member in Good Standing:

  1. Uphold and defend the Association’s constitution, code of conduct, various forms of rules and other lawfully issued guidelines of the Association;
  2. Fully pay membership subscription and other fees when due and in line with procedures that may be instituted from time to time;
  3. Submit relevant data as may be required by the Secretariat from time to time;
  4. Participate in all programmes and meetings of the Association and hold high the image of the Association;
  5. Comply with the provisions of the code of ethics and conduct issued by the Association as well as provisions of all applicable laws of Ghana;
  6. Comply with all laws, regulations and directives issued by the Bank of Ghana from time to time;
  7. Abstain from any action that will be detrimental to the interest of the Association.
  8. Every member shall satisfactory perform all such duties as may be assigned by the Board and the General Assembly from time to time