Members of the Association in good standing shall have the following rights:

  1. Receive information initiated at the instance of the Association and disseminated to members
  2. Participate in all activities of the Association;
  3. **Contest, nominate or second candidates for executive positions in the Association
  4. **Vote and be voted for
  5. Benefit from advocacy undertaken by the Association;
  6. Seek the support of the Secretariat to resolve issues with other members, regulator and other stakeholders;
  7. Request references from the Secretariat in pursuit of business enhancement activities that are not detrimental to the Association;
  8. Participate in meetings, trainings, conferences, workshops, forums, summits or other functions organized and sponsored by the Association.
  9. The Member shall have its name published on the Association’s website or in an appropriate national media at least once every year as part of the names of member companies in good standing with the Association

**Shall be available to only Full Members in good standing.