Team Showcase

Md. Aourongjeb

Mr. Aourongjeb is an expert in microfinance operations and has vast experience in operations, product development; management monitoring and default management. He is also extensively experienced in training and collaborating with national & international organizations. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ASA Savings and Loans he transformed the company from a loss-making to a profit-making entity in one year.

He managed the reorganization of ASA Ghana (NGO) into ASA Savings and Loans Limited as a regulated company by the central bank. He is also the CEO of ASA Consultancy Limited. Prior to his time in Ghana, he held the position of Assistant Director (Research and Development) in ASA Bangladesh during which the organization was rated number one by Forbes in 2007. He wrote many articles about microfinance, such as, ”ASA Technical Assistance: A New Horizon in Global Microfinance.”

He holds a master’s in arts from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the early days of his career, he served as Quality Assuring Officer in Oxford International, Bangladesh, a group of organizations that provides education, human resource development training, prepare & export food products, etc.

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