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An Investment Banker with over twenty-eight years’ experience in the banking industry in Ghana. I have extensive experience working in high-level positions in three different banks in Ghana and have participated actively in creating companies’ vision, and have been part of their realization through implementation.

Active involvement in the development of merchant banking products, project evaluation and appraisal, assisting in the identification of potential investors for projects and offering advice on investment opportunities and incentives.

A member of the team that handled the first two Initial Public Offerings on the Ghana Stock Exchange in 1992. Also a key member of the team that arranged the listing of eight companies out of initial fifteen companies listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. This required undertaking background preparatory work and bringing the companies into compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the stock exchange

Played a pioneering role in the establishment and growth of two successful banks in Ghana viz. First Atlantic Merchant Bank and The Trust Bank (formerly Meridian BIAO Bank now Ecobank). Main focus was on creation of strategies to gain market presence through identification and implementation of innovative products.

A total of twelve years at a senior managerial level of two banks taking active part in policy formulation and implementation of strategic objectives. Was for four years a member of the apex committee of First Atlantic Merchant Bank with responsibility at the Board level for the Bank’s risk assets.

Member of the Management Board of First Atlantic Merchant Bank and divisional head of the Credit and Marketing wing of the Bank, leading a team of seasoned analysts with the primary objective of creating new relationships and deepening existing relationships.

Currently Chief Executive Officer of Bond Savings and Loans Limited a Non-Bank Financial Institution licensed by Bank of Ghana to provide banking and other financial services to the business community in Ghana.

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